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Meditation Sensations

Meditation Sensations is an online meditation program designed to help you raise your vibration and release your blocks.


This is a meditation course with intimate mentoring and coaching throughout your meditation journey valued at over $1200.

The course includes:

  • Facebook container with live sessions for members

  • Online videos and worksheets

  • Full support and

  • Unlimited time frame to complete


Why Learn How To Meditate?

Once mastered, meditation can be practiced almost anywhere and support any situation in life for free.


Meditation has huge physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. We cover these in Module 1 of the program.

Applying resources like this can more than help you – it’s almost guaranteed to benefit you (of course there remains certain possibilities).


I want to start you on your meditation journey in a way that WORKS – where you receive massive benefits from your practice, rather than doing it for a bit, then stopping or only doing it here and there.


Meditation is one of the most powerful tools you can possess and master. It has the ability to heal and integrate all the different fractured/wounded aspects/parts of self.


No matter what you have been challenged with – meditation can help you progress forward to where you want to be.

Who is Meditation Sensations For?

Meditation Sensations Online Program is for anyone who is OPEN and WILLING to progress forward in ANY area of their life.

It is for those of you, who want to get started on your meditation journey with ease and get the results you are after.

It is also for those of you, who are already on a meditation journey but possibly feel scattered, messy and out of funk with your practice.

It is for those of you, who are already meditating and desire to deepen and expand your practice, raise your vibration and heal and integrate yourself.

It is for the ones who feel disconnected in life from yourself or from others. It is a space for you to connect with like-minded people.

It is for anyone feeling stressed, overwhelmed, out of balance, sick, fatigued, tired, frustrated, angry, sad, anxious, depressed, pressured, disconnected, broken, unworthy, uncertain – the list is endless


Meditation Sensations can help almost anyone who is open and willing to be helped.


About Kristen

I experienced a large part of my life with chronic illness and one of the very first things that got me progressing forward after years of sickness and anxiety was Meditation.


It wasn’t all perfect and fine straight away. It took practice and commitment but it was so powerful it absolutely changed my life and I still use it almost every day 12 years later.


I couldn’t sleep and barely ate. When I did eat, my body wouldn’t absorb nutrients so I kept losing weight rapidly. As I was already a slight build, I was bed ridden day in day out and no longer had the ability to work, socialize, shop, drive, use technology, watch TV, read, exercise etc.


One of the most challenging parts of this was the anxiety and PTSD that had caused some of the ill health conditions but also the anxiety and PTSD that started in a vicious cycle once I started feeling very sick for a very long time.

I went to doctors, specialists, naturopaths, homeopaths and many many many others who were all shocked by how severe my condition was.

I first learnt transcendental meditation and practiced that for many years, but I noticed I felt like I HAD to practice that particular type because I had invested money and time and resources into learning just the one type. I realised that there were times in my healing journey and just in my life where other meditation styles were better suited to me and I branched out and learnt many different types.


This expanded my entire ability to heal and integrate all the internal imbalances.


I could use whatever type suited me at that point in time or I could combine the different styles.


My illness, trauma and pain taught me so much. I always felt an innate desire to eventually use what I had learnt and practiced for so long to help others burst out of their bubbles of imbalance/sickness/anxiety etc.

Image by Emily Campbell

Why Join Meditation Sensations Online Course?

  • To improve your life and progress forward in ways you haven't been able too so far.

  • To learn effective tools and resources to help you overcome any obstacles in your life and help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you actually desire to be. 

  • Connect with like-minded people in holistic health/on a self-development/spiritual journey

  • Meet new people

  • Raise your vibrational/frequency

  • Learn a life changing tool and tools within the resource of meditation

  • Heal wounds/imbalances/illnesses/health ailments/mental and emotional imbalances

  • Manifest your desires

  • Improve sleep patterns

  • Improve your stress response

  • Improve how you feel in general and increase your overall well-being

  • Feel better about your own self

  • Inner peace

  • More balance within and without

  • Connection to intuition

  • Stronger spiritual connection

  • Expansion

  • Healing

  • Integration

  • Higher vibration/Frequency

  • Improved mental and emotional states

  • More resourceful states within

  • Deeper Connection with self and others

  • Stronger immune system

  • Increase in the body’s physical abilities to heal ailments and injuries

  • Use of their internal power

  • Harmony within their cells and nervous system

  • Increase in serotonin and oxytocin

  • Experiencing their desires to becoming closer to their desires

  • Overall heightened sense and feeling of health and well-being

  • Improved sleep and relaxation responses

  • More satisfaction and fulfilment out of life

  • Enjoyment, appreciation and gratitude

  • Better quality of life

  • Synchronicities

What does Meditation Sensations Cover?

What People Say

'I have loved watching Kristen's transformation over the last few years. Kristen is passionate and empathetic. Her positive nature is so infectious. Over the years Kristen has learnt so much about herself, through her own challenges and now has a first hand wealth of knowledge that comes from asking questions and the willingness to learn more about her own health. Kristen will no doubt walk beside you to assist achieving your goals.'

— Alicia Ross

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