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I offer various options when it comes to Meditation.

There are currently in-person classes,

group sessions, couple sessions  and

one-on-one sessions. 


In-person Meditation Classes:

WHEN: Mondays and Tuesdays 6pm

WHERE: Bathurst NSW 2795. Details are emailed to you closer to the class

WHAT TO BRING: Your beautiful self, an open mind and heart, eye mask 

INVESTMENT: $25 per person per class

DETAILS: There are no pre-requites for these classes. You can be an experienced meditator or a beginner or never have touched meditation before.

This is a safe and respectful space for people to access their own inner healing with the support of others.



Group Meditation Sessions:


Prices vary depending upon the size of the group, length of time and what specifics the group is after. I draw up a quote after getting all the details


For example, Group meditation sessions can be organized by a group of friends who want to save money and don't mind learning and practicing with each other.

Couple Meditation Sessions:


This involves working with couples and using meditation to improve their relationship, family,  health or financial situations. When couples come together and do meditation, it can strengthen the relationship and be very beneficial to all the other areas in their lives 

One-on-one Meditation Sessions:

This is a private meditation session with me where we look at 

learning and introducing meditation theories and practices or, building upon a current or past meditation practice so you can further develop your spiritual connection and well-being.

I take a very individualized approach as no two individuals are ever exactly the same.

We can use meditation to heal trauma, release and dissolve blocks, heal the physical body, manage pain or chronic illness and manifest desires. 

Meditation can be used for almost anything as it has SO MANY BENEFITS :)

We look at bridging the gap between where you are now and where you actually desire to be so you can feel and be FREE.

I act as a support and guide for the person to work through obstacles that may arise and to stay motivated and inspired towards achieving their goals.

All sessions can be done in person or online.


One-on-one Meditation Coaching and Mentoring:

$125 per session


3 x sessions $350 (SAVE $25)

6 x sessions $720 (SAVE$30)

Prices for couples and groups vary so I drawn up a quote depending upon group size and time required etc.


I have loved watching Kristen's transformation over the last few years. Kristen is passionate and empathetic. Her positive nature is so infectious. Over the years Kristen has learnt so much about herself, through her own challenges and now has a first hand wealth of knowledge that comes from asking questions and the willingness to learn more about her own health. Kristen will no doubt walk beside you to assist achieving your goals

Working alongside Kristen is such a pleasure. She is one of those people who strives for excellence in her practice and will go the extra mile to help. You can tell she genuinely cares and wants to do all she can to support, encourage and inspire people to reach their goals

 I started doing Kristen's meditation classes during covid lockdown 2021. I can honestly say every session changed my life. The one I want to share is I had a difference of opioion with a family member. It caused me a lot of hate, anger and frustration. Those feelings only affected me. With Kristen's gentle guidance I was able to see the family members point of view and why she did what she did. I was able to forgive and release all the hate, anger and frustration. For me its been a huge weight of my shoulders. Kristen is super supportive, kind, and trustworthy. Her gentle soul will help guide you with where you need to be. I highly recommend kristen







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