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Neuro-Linguistic Programming 

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I understand that each and every one of us is so beautifully unique and different and therefore we all require a specific approach when it comes to healing any area of our life or actually achieving our goals.


All sessions can be conducted in person, online (Google Meet, Skype, Messenger) or over the phone.

One-on-one, couples and group Sessions of NLP, Meditation or Health Coaching are all available:

Prices vary depending on size of group

My NLP sessions involve working with the sub-conscious mind to change and re-code  limiting beliefs and programs that are blocking you from achieving your desired outcomes

(e.g: A program that states that you are unworthy and undeserving of money may be blocking you from achieving certain financial goals no matter how hard you work or what type of businesses you get involved in).

Neuro refers to our nervous system through which we gather and process information received through our five senses.

Linguistic refers to our Language and other non-verbal systems. Linguistics filters and alters our internal representations so they are coded, ordered and given meaning.

Programming refers to the patterns, and the sequences of the coded instructions in our minds, which make up the programs and strategies that we run in our neurology as a whole, to achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

In these sessions we look at bridging the gap between where you are now and where you actually desire to be.

I take a very individualized approach as no two clients are ever the same even if the goal is the same.

I take a spiritual approach because when we understand where we came from and why we are the way we are we can achieve our desired goals more efficiently and effectively. 

I act as a support and guide for the person to work through obstacles that may arise and to stay motivated and inspired towards achieving their goals.

One-on-one Neuro-Linguistic Programming:

$125 per session


3  x sessions $350 (SAVE $25)

6 x sessions $720 (SAVE $30)

Prices for couples and groups vary so I drawn up a quote depending upon group size and time required etc.


I have loved watching Kristen's transformation over the last few years. Kristen is passionate and empathetic. Her positive nature is so infectious. Over the years Kristen has learnt so much about herself, through her own challenges and now has a first hand wealth of knowledge that comes from asking questions and the willingness to learn more about her own health. Kristen will no doubt walk beside you to assist achieving your goals


Working alongside Kristen is such a pleasure. She is one of those people who strives for excellence in her practice and will go the extra mile to help. You can tell she genuinely cares and wants to do all she can to support, encourage and inspire people to reach their goals


Since knowing Kristen I have engaged her many times regarding alternative lifestyle living. She has great suggestions with meditation techniques which I have implemented in my daily routine that has produced positive results. She is super supportive, trustworthy, kind, caring but most of all I like how she follows up with my personal development. I would highly recommend Kristen




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