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Anxiety, An ineffective protection mechanism

Do you have anxiety ?

Do you 'suffer' from it ?

Do you know what it is ?

Do you know others with it ?

Do you know where it comes from ? Or why it is there ?

Anxiety is a well-known state these days and people seem to feel extremely challenged with anxieties in daily life rather than just over a single event or major life change

I am well -versed in anxiety and PTSD as it started at an early age for me. My sub-conscious mind developed some very scary limiting beliefs about those around me and the world, which created feelings of being unsafe. When you don't feel or believe you are safe you then turn on your fight, flight or freeze responses at certain times, or (as in my case) all or most of the time (daily)

Being in the fight, flight or freeze response most of the time has detrimental affects on our nervous systems, endocrine systems, immune systems, ability to concentrate and focus, ability to regulate our mood, sleep and so much more

I feel like one of the keys to anxiety management or healing is to have awareness around WHERE it may have come from and WHY

This is different for each person and therefore an individualized approach needs to be taken to address anxiety rather than a one-sized fits all approach

Due to the constant stress on the physical body, many people experiencing Anxiety, also end up experiencing many physical health ailments and illnesses which then feeds into more Anxiety. This cycle becomes stronger and more ingrained into the sub-conscious mind

We also live in a culture that CONSTANTLY feeds anxiety or can even create it in those who don't yet have any. Just look around at the sub-liminal messages:

* You aren't good enough unless you LOOK a particular way

*Natural ageing, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes etc. are just not acceptable anymore

* We all have to live in a completely unnatural state managing work, homes, children, other family members, activities, social engagements, and more perfectly all the time or we may be harshly judged, bullied or not accepted by our 'tribes'

* We are constantly reminded that SO MANY scary things are happening all over the world by the news - viruses, shootings, starvation etc. but we are never shown success stories or solutions to overcome these issues

* Our brains are running off harsh judgements from our earliest conditioning which blocks us from tuning into a higher frequency of intuition, unconditional love and compassion

If our brain thinks the anxiety is keeping us safe, but the experience of having it isn't keeping us safe, or is also debilitating us from certain aspects of our life....WHAT do we do then ?

Well, as mentioned above, Anxiety formed as a protection mechanism. So, the first step is bringing awareness to WHERE it began and WHY

Awareness FREE's up the energy around it as what we resist(and avoid) persists, often with more power over us. So - ALLOW the anxiety to be there

Secondly, Because the anxiety is a form of protection, one of the things it is often protecting us from is FEELING WHAT WE DONT WANT TO FEEL. Again, if we can bring awareness into this and practice ALLOWING our feelings and developing healthier relationships with feelings such as anger, rage, hatred, grief, sadness, these feelings can be expressed healthily and integrated, rather than suppressed and oppressed within us

When we are REALLY in our head obsessively, it is distracting us from feeling what may be in our bodies or in our hearts

Again, remember - WHAT we RESIST, PERSISTS

Thirdly, Anxiety often starts from our needs not being met in some way and, therefore we start feeling unsupported. So, HOW can we start FEELING or BEING supported. Seek out groups or communities that are supportive and compassionate. Volunteer work/groups, meditation classes/circles, self-development workshops etc.

This helps teach our sub-conscious mind that we CAN be supported in safe environments and that it is SAFE to allow that support into our lives.

Fourthly, If you have experienced Anxiety, look at how often you HAVE FUN - I don't mean self-sabotage (Getting wasted), I mean actually FEELING light and FREE because you are dancing, in nature, swimming in the ocean, playing with children, laughing with friends......etc.

Most anxiety sufferers I know have trouble having fun. Make a list of things you find fun or feel you might find fun and start DOING THEM

Fifthly, Ask your own self (intuition) WHAT are the lessons here ? How can this help me grow and evolve ? All challenges present themselves for the lessons and growth underlying the experiences

We didn't start out in this world petrified of life and people. Anxiety is a maladaptive mechanism to keep us safe in some way. Safe from feeling deep pain, safe from being hurt by others, safe from certain environments, safe from not having any control over external circumstances

To finish off there are also many things to AVOID to help manage and heal Anxiety:

* Negative people

* Large crowds

* Over consuming

* Alcohol

* Sugar and processed foods

* Caffeine

* High stress work environments

* Narcissists

* Anyone who is remotely abusive or manipulative in any way

* People who constantly TAKE

* Overuse of screens and technology

If you are experiencing Anxiety and are unsure of how to manage it or progress forward into a healthier life, please reach out to a professional for support

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