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What does this word mean to you ?

What would a healthy connection to yourself and others look like ?

feel like ? be like ?

Our culture has a very skewed view and idea of what 'CONNECTION 'is and sorry to say it, but most people I know don't have healthy relationships in their life as they have just continued to do what has been taught to them because this feels comfortable and familiar, rather than safe and nourishing.

To establish healthy connections, I always recommend starting with a healthy connection to yourself and to nature because we come from nature. If you don't know how to do this or what to do just simply start by bringing awareness to how you connect to yourself or nature and see if the connection has possibly been severed in any way.

Severed connection is not bad in any way - it is simply an opportunity for REPAIR AND HEALING

Then look at anything that makes you feel more LIKE YOU - swimming ? meditation ? breathing ? yoga ? cooking ? art ? creation of any kind ?

Things where you feel in FLOW and out of your head. It just feels right for you

Start prioritizing these things as often as you can as this is affecting how you show up in your work, family, social, environments anyhow.

Healthy connections with others require healthy boundaries - MANY people don't like these, along with honesty, so some of these unsupportive people will leave your life - THIS IS TO BE CELLEBRATED as is a huge sign of growth and evolution 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

As humans, we have protective mechanisms in place that can act as blocks to real nourishing and authentic connections in our lives. This usually stems from past trauma. Because we felt pain, our innate wisdom remembers this and stores it. The next time it is reminded of the pain in some way, the protective mechanism kicks in in order to protect us from further pain and harm. This is obviously resourceful if there is an actual real threat in our environment, but more often than not, the threat is perceived, rather than real. A new friend may remind us of a friend in our past who cause deep hurt, therefore we recognize the similarity, and push this person away in case they cause hurt like the friend from our past did. We don't realize or know, consciously, that we are doing these things. It is all coming from the sub-conscious mind.

Bringing awareness into ways you may have blocked nourishing connections within yourself and others is the first step in progressing forward in this area. Relationships are challenging at the best of times and western culture does not teach us how to cultivate more compassion, forgiveness and nourishing connections within our relationships.

People just avoid or ignore, and the issues aren't being addressed.


My own heart aches for more nourishment and authenticity in relationships in general, even in the ones I see and observe and I am not even in. We are wired for human connection which is why we can feel such deep pain from relationships and I hope that through my own work that I can help create a culture that cultivates authenticity, honesty and boundaries in nourishing ways where all involved feel supported and safe


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