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Chronic Illness and Suicide

I have resistance towards writing about this.

I am not one to focus on the down side of things or to be negative in general

I am also learning to confront the absolute truth behind and beneath things because most of us are living a life of complete distraction and avoidance

I would not be addressing this if it was not hugely important and a real issue

Almost everyone who has experienced chronic illness has considered suicided. Not because they are necessarily 'depressed' or 'bad' in any way but because chronic illness can strip away every last aspect of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life even when you are positive and optimistic about everything.

You literally are unable to do anything or unable to do most things the average person does in a day. Even if you force it, it can turn out to be an extremely painful experience. It is almost like you are trapped in a physical, mental and emotional torture chamber with no way out.

If someone put you in a cell and tortured you every single day, for most of the day, how would you feel ? Would you want relief of some kind ? If your only option was death wouldn't you consider it ?

While chronic illnesses sufferers may consider suicide more than once on their journey, it may not necessarily be because they ' want to die' or ' give up '. In fact, quite the opposite, many have given almost all their resources towards the illness and towards healing and hope with little or no result.

After even months, let alone years of this, they of course desire some sort of relief.

When relief hasn't been found in other ways and they cannot see relief coming from anywhere, it seems like suicide might be the only option left and so of course it is considered and, at times, acted upon.

How do those experience chronic illnesses and diseases even get to this place ?

A few reasons and causes include:

* Lack of understanding from loved ones and from the medical communities. How would it feel if you woke up one morning and went about your day speaking English like you have always done and no one understood a word you were saying ? You can't order your coffee anymore because they no longer understand English. You can't work efficiently because no-one in your team understands English. You can't connect with your loved ones or your kids because they no longer understand English. This lack of understanding creates a disconnect and a deep lonely and isolating feeling for many trying to get well.

* Lack of support from loved ones and the medical communities. Similar to above, feeling unsupported, especially when unwell, after a period of time can cause the most optimistic and positive minded person to feel down and hopeless. Support is how we get through life, especially the challenging situations

* It is ongoing, usually over long periods of time. These experiences are often over years, decades or lifetimes, which ingrains the memory into the brain, muscles and cells in the physical body. It can almost become like the body doesn't even know how to be or feel well any more because it has experienced o much illness and pain for so long, it is now all it knows. Just like children who grow up in households with 3 languages spoken only know those 3 languages

* Unhealthy and toxic environments, including people. This is another day of torture for the chronically ill as all they desire is support and connection because these are emotional needs for healthy people, let alone those with additional challenges. We are wired for community connection and acceptance and this is a challenge for many experiencing chronic illness. When this meet remains unmet consistently over a long period of time, the person of course, searches for relief and sometimes arrives at the conclusion of suicide.

We don't need to fully understand or experience something to offer support or to be understanding.

We have so many resources these days and these people deserve to use suitable resources for their conditions so they can regain their health back no matter their financial situation

HOW is it ok that all these people are silently suffering and considering taking their own lives because of a lack of understanding, support and resources for severely debilitating diseases ?

As humans, I feel like we have lost our way. Healthy or not. We are off track when it comes to the nature of humanity. The nature of community and connection. The nature of health and healing.

The nature of life

I hope you gain some more 'life' from this post and share it with anyone who it might help

I don't believe we came to planet earth to live like this - too busy to listen ? Too distracted to feel and see what is actually really going on ? Only help another person is they pay you a certain amount when that person is considering taking their own life because the pain hasn't stopped for decades ? Too scared to open up and love one another ?

The time for change is NOW and it starts WITHIN YOU AND ME :)


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