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Natural versus 'Normal'

What is 'Natural'?

What is 'Normal' ?

Depending whom you ask - you will most likely get different answers.

Most of us feel at a deep level that our lifestyles, society and culture is quite off balance. Why is this ? My take on it is that, it is simply because the gap between what is 'natural' and what is 'normal' has been separated rather than integrated into one.

When we do things and live lifestyles that are unnatural - we of course feel off in some way. This may be anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm, loneliness, feeling unloved, feeling like we don't belong, feeling fatigued and sick.....the list is endless.

The thing is - in our Western culture, in Australia and many other countries, we are so abundant and so blessed but we are also SUPER disconnected from what is natural and therefore feeling and experiencing lots of the above.

What Western culture believes to be 'Normal' is so far from what is 'Natural' that we keep trying to do what is 'Normal ', but because it is not 'Natural ' to us, we create separation from both ourselves and from nature. Then of course we start manifesting things like stress, anxiety, sickness, etc.

Most westerners consider a 40 hour 5 day work week 'Normal'. This, however, is not 'natural' because our physical bodies alone require nourishment and balance and this does not provide that in the way we need, not just for ourselves but also for our families.

Most Westerners believe that drinking alcohol is somewhat 'Normal'. This however, is not 'Natural' because it is a poison. We naturally desire and want nourishing foods and liquids in order to cleanse and nourish the body, not to inflame it. so many of us consider it a 'normal' part of life ? And keep drinking it even when we don't want too ?

Processed foods are another thing our culture considers 'Normal' but is completely opposed to what is 'Natural' for the same reasons listed above.

How did we get to this place ? So disconnected from our natural state and that of the world around us ?

WHY do we continue to conform to what we think is 'Normal' when we know deep down in our souls it is so far from 'Natural' ?

Fear of not being accepted.

If we are not accepted by those around us it can cause great pain and used to even cause death of course we go above and beyond to 'fit in' to what our society considers ' Normal' even though it is not 'Natural' and may not be right for us.

Consider where all of these so called ' normals' came from ?

Most of us don't even know. They are simply just beliefs and behaviors we adopted sub-consciously and keep doing even if not supporting us in healthy ways.

Who decided working 5 days a week with only 2 days off to care for your children, your home, your own mental and physical health, to spend time with loved ones, run erins, cook and organize your life as well as rest was the way to do it ? Let alone the 'Natural' way ? Who said ' Let's make this so 'Normal' that most of society just does it ?

Who decided that celebrating a birthday meant we overload ourselves and our children on poison ? Processed foods and alcohol ? It is definitely not 'Natural' so who said let's make this 'Normal ' so that most of society does it and if you don't you are considered 'Weird' ?

I feel the dysfunction of western society has been going on for long enough and it is time for each and everyone of us to become aware of these 'Norms' and start to change them to 'Naturals' that are supportive of our overall health and well-being.

Can you say No to the alcohol at the party ?

Do you feel left out if you don't fill the birthday party table with junk foods instead of real foods ?

If we keep conforming to these outdated beliefs and behaviors where will we end up ?

Look around - it doesn't look good at this stage !!!!

How can we change this ?

Ask yourself: What feels 'Natural' for me ? Focus only on yourself and start to listen to your intuitive guidance around what actually feels right for you

Then compare that to what you have been doing simply because it is considered 'Normal' by society but doesn't align with your well-being

Bring awareness in without judgement so now you are super clear on how to move forward and on what has been holding you back

Then work towards sticking to your 'natural' list as much as you can, even if you start small and build up over time

We come from nature therefore why aren't we listening to it and living in alignment with it ? Both within ourselves and in our external worlds ?

Transform from 'normal' to 'natural' and allow others to do the same. No judgement. No comparison. No right or wrong.


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