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I have been experiencing deep feelings of FREEDOM during lockdown!

It has been the most FREE and EMPOWERED I have possible EVER FELT!

Does this mean I have not had any challenges ? certainly not!

I decided to share with you, HOW to feel DEEPLY AND COMPLETELY FREE DURING A LOCKDOWN or any time when external conditions seem bleak and hopeless

1. Inner Work: You cannot feel FREE within if you are not healing and unblocking your own inner limitations. Even if external conditions were completely different – you will never feel free unless you start to look at and heal what has been going on within you. I use meditation and breathwork most of the time. I also read and listen to teachers and authors who help and support those on an inner healing journey.

2. Detachment: I made a conscious decision to completely detach myself as best as possible from external limitations – people in limiting and fearful mindsets, government restrictions, supposed’ number of cases’, news and media as well as any timelines of when lockdown or other restrictions would go till or end. Make a conscious decision to detach because the deepest truth is we really don’t know how long anything will last or when anything can change

3. Develop a strong sense of self. I have developed the strongest sense of self I have ever had !! I am 37 years old so it has taken a while but gosh it is so WORTH IT! How do we develop a stronger sense of self ? Firstly, get clear on your own values ? do you value being outside in the fresh air – then do that!!!! Do you value being around positive open minded people ? then do that ! Many of us can feel and be wishy washy about what is really important to us during these times and what our true values look like.

4. OPEN your mindset. Nothing is concrete or 100% accurate and true – this is why people have differences of opinions and varying perspectives on everything. It is all ok and the most important thing is not YOUR OPINION OR PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE but how open you are too more information, new information, possible discrepancies and other ideas that may be different to what you have been taught. OPENESS within our minds and hearts is one of the most HEALING and TRANSFORMATIVE things you can do and/or work on

5. ACCEPTANCE. Are you resisting what’s happening right now ? Are you resisting the feelings and emotions that may be arising within you during these times ? Do you feel like you could move to a place of ACCEPTANCE or intend to move towards that place in the future ?

6. Monitor and amend the external information and frequencies coming in. Have you ever really looked at what type of frequencies and information you allow in to your own self, brain and environment each day and week ? Look at these and if they are serving you or not ? I do not let too many frequencies in that have a lower vibration or are of limited and negative mindsets. Amend them. Turn off the news and play relaxation music or fun music so it fills your home with a new and higher vibration! Listen to podcasts from those who inspire you and have a genuine loving intention for humanity

7. Relationships and human connections. Part of the reason I have felt so FREE and EMPOWERED during a time that can look to some like hopelessness and limitation is because of the people I have been able to connect with. Some I already knew and others I only met during lockdown! I got clear a while back on the type of people and connections I wanted to bring into my life and now they are here! The type of people you attract in is always a reflection of ourselves. If I am closed and negative I will most likely attract in closed and negative people around me. If I work on my own thought patterns and choose openness and love I will attract in more open and loving people and relationships! If you are around people who complain all the time you will notice that it doesn’t take long for you to sub-consciously start complaining and lowering your own vibration to match theirs.

8. Self-Care. Making your own health and well-being a massive priority will support you in FEELING FREE AND EMPOWERED during lockdown or pandemic type situations! This obviously raises your energy and vibration and influences the thoughts and feelings you have and how to react and respond in the world both online and in person.

9. Healthy Boundaries. This can fall under self-care but putting these in place for support whenever you may be at physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually will support you towards more freedom and flow during times that may look and seem limited, hopeless and bleak.

All the possibility lies within us. I know this can sound super cliché but when you really apply it miracles happen!

Also remembering that any challenging times will pass

Let me know how this information has helped you!!

Love and light to all

Kristen Gely Wellness


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