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Healing Chronic Illness

Lets talk about chronic illness! This experience changed my life and I know that of many others but it can also spark deep feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness, depression, unworthiness, anxiety and more

I experienced chronic illness for many many years. I was only young and looked like a relatively healthy human to those around me. It started with a heap of health ailments which had been there since childhood that gradually got worse over time and before I knew it I was bed ridden experiencing chronic fatigue, fevers, inflammation and chronic pain day in day out for months at a time which turned into years.

All aspects of my life were stripped away – work, social life, exercising, partying, shopping, travelling etc. almost everything

It felt like no one understood – I tried to explain it as best I could but no one got it – I ‘looked’ ok so why couldn’t I go out? Why couldn’t I answer the phone for a chat ? why couldn’t I have visitors ?

I could barely converse or get myself in the shower let alone go to a party! Talking on the phone would exhaust me and I would break out in a fever when I tried to chat on the phone. It felt so surreal – unreal in every way – like a nightmare that was never ending. Pain, fatigue, and severe debilitation in my 20s each and every day never knowing when it would end or even just improve

I lost all my strength and muscle conditioning, I kept eating and was implementing more nutritious foods but I kept losing weight

Mentally and emotionally this obviously took a toll, while there were mental and emotional issues and traumas that contributed to the illness getting so chronic, the experience of such ill health and debilitation fed into more mental and emotional pain and disharmony.

One of the most challenging aspects was the isolation and the loneliness.

Since COVID, many have struggled with being isolated and in lockdown. People with chronic illness have been experiencing this for years but they have been experiencing it ALONE – while all their loved ones continue to go out in the world and interact-they are left at home with no one around them and no supportive medical model or ‘cure’ so to speak

How do you think this would feel ?

Every single person I have ever encountered to manifest such a debilitating form of illness, also seems to have a very empathic and generous heart so, as you can imagine, not being able to attend loved ones weddings, baby showers, birthdays etc. feels extremely painful for these types of people.

There also appears to be a common link between those who manifest chronic illnesses and people pleasing tendencies. They want everyone else to be happy and ok, so they often put others needs and wants ahead of their own.

When we look into some of the core root causes behind some of these chronic conditions, there are common threads like people pleasing, which start to make sense as to why some of us end up so unwell.


This is unique depending upon the person and I used many different modalities all of which helped address different issues in different ways.

If you are experiencing chronic illness at the moment, just start with one or two things that resonate with you and where you are at.

I strongly recommend working with someone who has experienced something similar as there is something about the experience that makes them just ‘get it’

1. I implemented a more nutritious diet, adding in as many wholefoods, fruits and vegetables as I could. I also started juicing and making smoothies to get a high nutrient value into my body in an easily digested and absorbed way

2. I worked with nutritionists, naturopaths and integrative doctors

3. I got regular acupuncture, homeopathic treatments, colonics and massages

4. I learnt to meditate and I practiced every single day

5. I rested and slept A LOT

6. I worked on my mindset with a health coach and spiritual healer

7. I got spiritual healings

8. Years later I attended a couple of health retreats

9. I cut out alcohol, TV, technology use, drugs, sugar, junk and fast foods

10. I consistently started listening to self help/spiritual/personal development authors and speakers and started to see myself, others and the world in different and more supportive ways

11. I learnt to stop people pleasing and implement healthy boundaries and LET OTHERS ACTUALLY HELP ME

12. I laid on the earth and got sun on my skin

13. When I started it improve I tried to stay near the beach whenever I could

14. I read and learnt as much as I could about health and wellness, my body, mind, spirit and emotional health

Above are just some of the things I did and I implemented these over many many years it was not done all at once.

I am still on a health and healing journey as most of us are, it just looks different for each person.

Chronic Illness taught me things no university degree ever could. Having that experience changed my life as I was definitely due for a ‘wake up’ call and I got it. I honestly feel that if it didn’t manifest at that time and in the way it did I would be dead or much worse off.

I am grateful for the illness as well as the way I was able to manage, heal and work through it.

Honestly, we are so powerful within, most haven’t been taught how to connect too and use this incredible internal power

Learning kindness and compassion towards myself was a huge part of healing and still is, as I had a very powerful ingrained pattern on being very hard and critical of myself

I hope my story helps you no matter what you may be experiencing there is always light at the end of the tunnel if you just stay open

Love and light to all

Kristen Gely Wellness


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