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Negative Feelings and Emotions

We all have them, But even though they are an integral part of being human, we avoid them, ignore them, and, distract from them.........constantly!

WHY, Do we humans do this ?

Avoiding and distracting from our inherent negative feelings and emotions is very unnatural, yet, we continue to disassociate from them

WHAT IF, we went towards them?

WHAT IF, We dived deep and felt them fully ?

WHAT IF, We changed our perception towards them ?

The reason, most of us run in the other direction (mostly sub-consciously) is NOT because it is NATURAL, but, because it is what MOST of us were taught to do. Furthermore, we watched and absorbed the adults around us doing this also and sub-consciously modelled their behaviors.

So, like many other sub-conscious patterns and habits, we continue to play them out even though it causes more pain.

If you are currently realizing that some of the pain you have been experiencing may be from you running away from your negative emotions, I have a 5-step process for you to try below:


We can become aware of our negative emotions and what may be triggering them just by expanding our awareness and starting to notice and observe them, without judgement



When we avoid cleaning our garage out, it does not make the cluttered, dirty garage clean ? The garage remains cluttered and dirty until we go right into it, feel a bit yukky or uncomfortable and then get into clearing out the clutter and the dirt!

I know we want an 'easier way' but there isn't one (I have spent 37 years trying to find one) so start to deepen your breath and start to GIVE YOURSELF FULL PERMISSION to FULLY FEEL THEM IN THE MOMENT

This is more powerful than your egoic mind will probably ever realize

As we feel them fully, we observe any chatter or judgement that may come in from our ego. We might put music on or visualize the ocean waves and tides flowing in and out, this is all our emotions want to do - flow in, through, then out of us. They don't like being stuck and suppressed inside us. They want out !


Check in with yourself if there is anything else you can do to fully integrate the wound you have just healed through feeling. Breathwork, meditation, music, shaking and EFT/Tapping are also supportive, safe resources we can use to help process and release these negative emotions and feelings


Notice what lies UNDERNEATH the feeling and emotion you just processed ? Sometimes we feel deep peace - WOOOHHOOOO!!!! Other times it may be another negative emotion - like sadness can often be the core emotion underneath our anger. Other times we just feel numb or blank but spacious. Just tune in, and notice


Now we have cleared the gunk out of our human GARAGE, we fill it with GRATITUDE, or any other higher vibrational emotion. Think about something you are grateful for and really FEEL it. Use visuals and music if this helps you

If you cannot access a higher vibrational emotion like gratitude, there is probably more clearing to be done so go back to through steps 1 - 4 until you feel it clear out! Give yourself as much time as you need as sometimes this can take patience. Remembering that many of us have been suppressing these types of emotions for decades so they may not clear out in 4 or 5 minutes !

Remembering that CRYING and PRIMAL SCREAMING are very safe and effective ways to clear out the suppressed 'junk' that you have been storing. Always making sure it is safe for you to cry or primal scream before you start.

Can you implement this consistently ? Even for just 30 days and record how different you feel as you start to FULLY FEEL and PROCESS your negative energies

This consistent practice can help reduce or heal health conditions and ailments, mend relationship dysfunction, improve parenting styles and even increase your income!

Good luck! I would love to hear how you go with this :)


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