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The value of learning, growth and evolution through an experience

We are constantly bombarded with information these days so there is no excuse as to 'NOT BE ABLE TO LEARN' something. However, have you ever noticed the difference between learning something intellectually/logically and learning something through an experience ?

Most of us learnt to drive a car through a combination of the theory and the practical experience of actually driving the car. Which was more powerful ? Which had a greater affect on your driving and ability on the roads ?

The actual experience of driving the car and being on the public roads teaches you more than 12 hours a day every day for 12 years of theory could ever teach you right ?

Why then do we go to many for education and advice on experiences that they themselves have never even had, and therefore, never even thoroughly learned ?

Have you ever had a mid-wife deliver your child who didn't have the experience of child birth herself ? It is just something that cannot purely be learnt through theoretical study alone

My own experience of illness taught me invaluable lessons that no health course could ever have taught me. Theoretical study of health and wellness doesn't teach you about your own inner patterns and blocks. It doesn't teach you who you actually are or what it really feels like to be connected to your whole self and to accept that self as it is right now.

The other thing I noticed was that those working in either mainstream or alternative health who had an experience of chronic illness themselves seems to understand and know a lot more about managing chronic illness and treating it compared to those who had only done theoretical study. While chronic illness manifests very differently for each person, there was a huge difference in successful advice, support and understanding given from those who had actually had the experience themselves

There is ALWAYS so much more to KNOW and LEARN no matter what the topic! I feel if we can move towards a greater awareness and openness towards almost every aspect of our lives, we really can heal and move forward as a collective

Whatever experience you are currently having - positive or negative - it is literally there as a learning experience for your own growth and evolution. The more we deny these lessons, the more painful it becomes

If you reflect back on all the experiences you have had (particularly the more painful ones) you will most likely notice how much you learnt from the experience itself that you would have never been able to learn any other way.

All our experiences matter!

All carry great value!

All are there to support our evolution and growth!

When we have this awareness it enables us to approach different areas, events and aspects of our lives differently.

Constantly asking:

Why is this experience here now?

What can I learn from this ?

How is it helping me evolve ?

My greatest strengths and abilities I possess today are purely only there because I experienced ill health most of my life and without that experience I wouldn't have been able to learn and evolve into these qualities. In fact, I wouldn't even be writing this or have this website or business !

I would love to hear your reflections on this and what you have learnt from your experiences that you couldn't have learnt any other way!

Love and light x


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