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There is always an increase in numbers of people willing to improve their health in January

I always take an individualised approach as each person is so unique however here are some simple reminders to help you get started if you feel unsure where to start:

* Stick to eating as many foods as possible that are as close to their natural state (not processed or altered in a u way) REMOVE highly processed foods as much as possible.

*Choose exercise that you ENJOY and REMOVE any berating of yourself if it doesnt get done

*Schedule in meditation and/or mindfulness practices into each day and week

*INVEST in your health. We pour money into so many other things like material items, technology, alcohol etc and without our health we dont have much at all so why isnt this a priority?

* GO to bed at a reasonable time and put healthy boundaries around your technology use (especially at night)

* Come back into the present moment as many times as possible throughout your day


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