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WHAT can you take the judgement out of?

As you clean your home can you remove the judgement of how the home looks? As you bath or shower can you can remove the judgement of what your body does or doesn’t look like ? As you drive can you remove the judgement around what other drivers are doing or not doing ? Our judgements are usually very in accurate as are based off a very limiting set of belief systems that dont support anyone well One of the most powerful practices I have implemented is to constantly practice removing the judgements or simply just observing them instead of letting them become you Everything we judge in another we also have within ourselves.

Can you raise your awareness around your assumptions?

We make assumptions about ourselves and others all day long

These are usually mostly un-true and are affecting the frequency we send out to the world and therefore what we are receiving back

What are you assuming right now as you read this post ?

What do you assume about your neighbours just by looking at the and seeing what car they drive ?

What do you assume about friends who dress a certain way or have a certain job ?

Someone could be wearing the most expensive designer dress around and have $20 left in her bank account, although many would just assume she was "loaded"

We really dont know as much as we often think as know or, mostly, ASSUME

When we become more aware of our internal assumptions we open ourselves up to what may actually be happening and of course to infinite possibility


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