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What is happiness ?

I mean really? People invent happiness in our culture and society ?

Is what we think happiness is really actual happiness or a surface level version of what we have been conditioned and trained to believe happiness actually is ?

Humans can live their entire lives chasing happiness in so many external things – jobs, careers, other people, money, living environments, a certain status, looking a certain way

Is your happiness really IN these things ?

People look on my website or my social media and say ‘ You seem really happy now!!!’ ‘ Your doing so well’ – how is the assumption of HAPPINESS jumped too because of what is displayed on my social media and not what is actually happening inside of me ?

If you were to reflect back on your life – can you see or find any moments or experiences where you felt DEEPLY AND TRULY HAPPY ?

That means, the happiness wasn’t there from an external thing like a party, a career label, a material item, a status symbol, a fashion outfit etc

It feels like a genuine expansive light feeling inside your self that expands organically without any force.

When I reflect back on my life, I honestly felt deep authentic happiness for the first time when the average human being would probably assume I didn’t have that much to be ‘HAPPY’ about

I felt it deep inside me so organically after years of sickness and debilitating chronic illness.

I had lost relationships, my social life, my job, my ability to function, drive a car, cook, clean etc and this was actually when I felt AUTHENTIC HAPPINESS.

The real deal was deep inside me and once I got sick I had stripped away all of the distractions and things I had been clinging too to ‘try and make me happy’

After stripping it all away I started working on my inner self because there I was sick, emotional and debilitated in my 20s, spending 99% of my time alone with myself

It was not forced to reached for – I didn’t need to CLING to it – it came up organically and I knew that THAT was ME – THAT was my TRUTH and THAT FEELING INSIDE was what I had been searching for for 28 years of my life.

So, if we have been ‘INVENTING’ fake versions of happiness or looking for it in the wrong things (externally) how do we then actually FEEL TRUE AUTHENTIC HAPPINESS ?


In western society we turn to alcohol, food, drugs, codependent relationships, other people ‘being ‘ a certain way, more stuff, more material things, looking a certain way, changing our appearance and pretending we are indeed ’HAPPY’ when none of these things work when it comes down to the natural state of happiness in any human being

YOUR authentic, truest version of happiness is inside but has most likely been blocked by your past experiences and the trauma and limiting belief systems attached to these past experiences

HOW then do you UNBLOCK it ?

Firstly, ARE you willing to let it go ? the anger, resentment, hurt, grief etc ?

OR is it giving you something you feel you cant live without ?

Secondly, have you ever INTENDED to be genuinely happy ? Set an intention to feel this as deeply and authentically as possible

It is powerful that as humans we chase something for so long to possibly experience something that was once so natural to us. I find it phenomenal that I experienced feelings of deep happiness when my physical body was riddled with illness and I had been very isolated and alone for many years at a time, away from social events, technology, work etc, the very ‘things’ we reach too externally to find some ‘happiness’ or just release of endorphins and serotonin

I ask you to reflect on your own inner world.

Are we as a society really happy ?

Are you as an individual person genuinely happy inside ?

What does it REALLY feel like ?

How can we get you there if you haven’t experienced it yet ?

Imagine, feeling deep, true feelings of organic happiness for no reason?

What if happiness was different to what our conditioning tells us it is supposed to be like ?

Our sub-conscious mind also can have many limiting belief systems and programs running that block us feeling happy. It may have programs that state that happiness may cause hurt or harm and therefore it continues to block us feeling and embracing it but we don’t consciously realize. (Working with our sub-conscious minds is some powerful stuff)

So today – I ask you to reflect on HAPPINESS and see if you can, indeed, start to tune in to what it may have felt like for you in the past or what it might feel like for you to have a future where you are able to FEEL GENUINELY HAPPY


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