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What Is 'SUCCESS' really?

How do you feel about the word: "SUCCESS"

What does that mean to you ?

We have been conditioned to believe that "SUCCESS" looks and appears a certain way ?

Certain "credentials " and other pieces of paper with certain words and signatures on it.

Some people have many of these "SUCCESSFUL" pieces of paper with the signatures and whatever else but are they internally happy ?

Are they in supportive and loving relationships?

Do they have time to do the things they love ?

If they have the " SUCCESSFUL" piece of paper but don’t have any of these other things that's certainly NOT SUCCESS TO ME


Is it an inner feeling or is it what society/the world/others label you as ?

I can be "successful" laying on my couch in a meditation where I connect with the divine and feel the most expansive and limitless feeling of elation and happiness I have ever felt

Let’s look at how many of us were conditioned around this idea of ‘SUCCESS’

Was it related to how you looked ?

How many friends you had ?

How many people around you approved of you in certain ways ?

How ‘GOOD’ OR ‘BAD’ you were as a child ?

Your grades at school ?

How many birthday gifts you received ?

What types of clothes you wore?

If you had or have all these things above but feel depressed and suicidal inside is that still ‘SUCCESS’ ?

If you have all of the above but treat yourself and others dis-respectfully because you are carrying so much pain is that ‘SUCCESS’ ?

There is also the limiting belief systems around what ‘SUCCESS’ may look like as a ‘female’ or as a ‘male’

Are women only ‘SUCCESSFUL’ in life if they have babies ?Are men only ‘SUCCESSFUL’ in life if they provide and work most of their life ?

Again, What are we really after here ?


Approval of others ?

Acceptance ?

Ability to FIT IN ?

ALSO, Who the heck created such a limiting structure and how are we still shrinking ourselves down to live by it day in day out even when it goes against our highest values and inner intuition ?

I was bought up to believe I had to be ‘SUCCESSFUL’ this meant study and finishing high school with a ‘GOOD MARK’ then studying again and getting a University Degree because apparently that shows ‘SUCCESS’ for some ?

It then included working full time in a ‘corporate/office environment’

This was others ideas of ‘SUCCESS’ and it was not mine

I was not really truly successful throughout this time of my life because I was extremely unwell internally – very unhappy, very anxious, very physically inflamed and fatigued, couldn’t concentrate or tell anyone what was happening inside me

Therefore I felt like I was failing even though apparently I had created some aspects of ‘SUCCESS’ according to society’s structure

My truest ‘SUCCESS’ came to me though chronic illness as it opened me up to myself and what was going on inside me.

I had suppressed it and distracted from it for so long it was confronting to really look at it (still is to be honest!)

However, this gave me my portal to TRUE AUTHENTIC SUCCESS for me

Allowing myself time and space to be ALONE and to REST

Allowing myself to implement certain things that seems weird and foreign to those around me in order to heal myself and become well

Allowing myself to listen and act upon my intuition instead of what others were expecting of me

Learning and studying through my own accord of things I was genuinely interested in even though I didn’t know if I would ever ‘get a job’ from such study

I urge you to look at WHERE your belief systems and views on what ‘SUCCESS’ IS or ISNT come from and WHY ?

Then look at if they have ever truly served you ?



As humans, we have innate desires to nourish ourselves and genuinely feel happy, healthy and content

WHY do these structures say ‘SUCCESS’ is the opposite of this ?

I know so many people who may not have those ‘SUCCESSFUL’ pieces of paper or those ‘SUCCESSFUL’ JOB titles or those ‘SUCCESSFUL’ family structures but they are incredibly good at what they do and how they live their life. They are genuinely happy and content and treat others with kindness and respect

They appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life and have a healthy and balanced relationship with their own self and with their own emotions

They refrain from judging others negatively and observe such limiting mental constructs rather than engage in them

This to me is the ultimate ‘SUCCESS’

It can be whatever you define it as or whatever you make it


Love and light to all

Kristen Gely Wellness

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